Justin Seow was born in Madison, Wisconsin, 1996. He began his studies at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014, majoring in Furniture Design. His work revolves around the belief that furniture objects are artifacts of culture. He uses furniture as a format for his work to speak about the cultural values we live with. He does so by remixing the structure of how objects are designed, used, and perceived.

“The objects we have in out homes say a lot about who we are. Unfortunately, the well established furniture designs of the past no longer match the contemporary cultural climate. Through my work, I update the visual and conceptual language of furniture by recontextualizing visual symbols, subverting known uses and reimagining values of manufacturing. I create previously impossible artifacts of culture including a “Chinese-American Chair”, a “Thonet Ladder” and “Ornamental Buttplugs”. My design processes create new forms and images that reflect the nuanced identities of today. I hope to provide objects that embody the increasingly intersectional ideals that have been forgotten by the general understanding of design.”